1. The decision of the Judges is final and binding and not contestable by any participant at the venue or in any format or through any agency or any court of law. By signing the entry form the participants fully knows, understands and acknowledges this point and abides by it.
  2. You are expected to come in full chef uniform that is A coat, A pant, A apron, Chefs Cap, proper footwear and scarf’s according to your respective hotel’s norms.
  3. Each Kitchen station will be equipped with necessary work tables, induction plates and sauce pans, frying pans, spoons, whisk and chopping board.
  4. You are to reach the venues well in advance and your cooking slots / Allocation of Kitchen will be given on First come first served basis.
  5. The cook off will begin from 9 am till all Individuals, complete their rounds.
  6. You are to report to the registration desk to follow all formalities regarding registration confirmation as soon as you arrive.
  7. There will be only one announcement made to call the Individual to report to the mobile kitchen areas. If the Individual did not report on time, they will be shifted to the next available slot.
  8. Since the organizers are not aware what you are planning to cook you are advised to carry all your own ingredients in uncooked/ unfinished and raw form which will have to be displayed on the tables for the judges to inspect. You are not allowed to bring any pre prepared gravy’s, Spices/ Masalas, Sauces, Marinades, and any form of convince foods if found will lead to immediate confiscation or disqualification. However please note we will supply you with basic ingredients and spices for example Onions potatos, tomatos, green chillies, Basic masala powered and whole spices, oil, rice, seasonings and potable water,chicken , fish, planner and some dairy products . The remaining ingredients are to be bought by you.
  9. All participants have to have their recipes including ingredients and produce for preparation on their respective originations letterheads with the members name, contact number and email address of every participants.
  10. You are advised to bring your own knife kits and Specialty utensils if needed, However we will offer you Knife kits and utensils which will be issued to you against your signature of receipt. Any damage or breakage or misplacement or loss of the same will lead to immediate replacement by the individual or the team member or equivalent amount of money will be needed to be paid.
  11. All Participants have to have their recipes including ingredients and procedure for preparation on their respective organization letterheads with members name, contact number and email address of every participants.
  12. You are allowed to bring your own presentation platters, bowls, cookery, cutlery, ceramic ware, glassware and props to do your presentation that you deem fit. We will provide you with a table and a table cover to display your finished products as a basic.
  13. Every Individual have to make 2 presentation of the same dish as follows. One presentation for Judges Panel, one presentation for video or still photography that will be posted live on our video platform. You are required to make sufficient quantities of your respective dishes of one portion each.
  14. Kindly note, there will be marks deducted for wastage and after finishing your preparation all participants are required to clean their respective kitchens. If found unclean untidy or cooking dishes found unwashed will also attract negative marking. It is the Participants responsibility to return all utensils i.e. knife kits, spoons and ladle, pots and pans and any other equipment borrowed or taken from the organizer have to be well washed and returned to their respective cooking stations and confirmation of return is required from the designated supervisor before the contestants can leave the venue after finishing at the end.
  15. All participants will be provided with refreshments and packed food by the organizers according to the time schedule for the day of cook off.
  16. Please note there are extra points for punctuality for finishing their dishes on time and marinating hygienic condition of the cooking stations and other criterions as per the terms and conditions.
  17. The Judges verdict is final and binding in all the results which cannot be contested.
  18. You are advised to go to all our social media platforms i.e. Facebook, Instagram, Twitter and YouTube and have your friends, relative, colleges to like, share and votes(during the cook offs time). Please note that a substantial amount of marks are awarded for the participants who generate maximum likes, shares and forwards from their page and tagging our social media platforms.
  19. All the participants of the forgotten recipes will need to prepare a brief description and factual data of their forgotten recipes with name, contact details on the letter head for the judges to inspect.
  20. Entries are accepted on a first-come basis & may have to be restricted at a certain number.
  21. In case of cancellation of participation due to unforeseen circumstances, the organizers should be notified immediately. This is nontransferable.
  22. Competitors must report at least 60 minutes prior to the commencement of the cook-off. No work will be allowed before the stipulated time.
  23. Competitors must ensure that no organization name /logo is visible on any of the accessories on the display tables.
  24. If an award is won, the competitor has to ensure that he/she, or someone on his/her behalf, is there to accept it. All awards are to be accepted in chef uniform.
  25. All-packing/exhibit debris must be removed from the venue before judging begins.
  26. The organizers will not be held responsible for any damage to or loss of exhibits, equipment, utensils or personal belongings of the competitors.
  27. The organizers reserve the right to rescind, modify or add on to any of the above rules and conditions and their interpretation of these is final. They also reserve the right to limit the number of entries.
  28. Competitors contravening any of the Rules and Regulations of GO CHEESE INDIAN CHEF AWARDS may be disqualified.
  29. All content in any form, including all recipes, photographs and videos taken by the organizer for the GO CHEESE INDIAN CHEF AWARDS are the whole and sole right of FENNN TRUST and can be used by them in any form around the world and in any media format. By signing one’s name on the entry form one understands this point clearly and accepts this point without any contention.
  30. By signing the entry form, and the indemnity paper one indemnifies the company (FENNN TRUST) and all its employees and all other individuals present during the cook-off and the awards night from any hurt/ harm/damage/loss suffered by the individual.
  31. It should be noted that all recipes and data including visuals collected at the award is the sole property of FENNN TRUST and can be used by them for any entity, associate, or any one under the sun as they felt fit.
  32. The organizers reserve all rights to the recipes used and photographs taken at the award. Any publication, reproduction or copying of the recipes can only be made with the approval of the organizers.
  33. In the event if the participating chef breaks, damages, causes loss to be the organizers equipment or to any thing at the venue the same would have to be paid for without dispute by the chef.
  34. We will accommodate and facilitate all timeslots in a manner that it may be convenient to all participants.
  35. Please note representatives will be interviewed live during the cook off.
  36. The Selected winners are to make provision for travel and stay on the dates specified on the website. The organizers will not provide any lodging or boarding for the grand finale and the award function. It is the responsibility of the participant’s organization to provide the same.