The Taj Years : As a young graduate from Delhi’s Pusa Institute of Hotel Management, Hemant first landed up at the Oberoi group which refused to give him a job, thanks to the common surname. He went on to join the Taj and the rest, as they say, is culinary history. He pioneered restaurants like Varq, which contemporized Indian food, and created vegetarian Japanese dishes for Wasabi.

He oversaw the 1,241 chefs in the Taj luxury division and was the brains behind its famed restaurants - Zodiac Grill, Wasabi, Varq, Souk, Blue Ginger and Masala Kraft. “I have tried to be a trendsetter.

But what matters at the end of the day is to have a satisfied consumer,” says the Punjabi, who broke into the Goan-dominated F&B sector of 1970s Mumbai.

About Chef Hemant Oberoi The Mentor of GO CHEESE INDIAN CHEF AWARDS

In four decades, Hemant Oberoi took Taj’s gourmet business to stratospheric heights. “This hotel has been my home, and home was a hotel where I went only to sleep,” says Oberoi, who has fed a host of dignitaries, businessmen and celebrities including the Clintons, the Obamas, ‘Brangelina’, the Bachchans, the Ambanis, Tom Cruise and Laxmi Mittal. He also witnessed the hotel’s worst tragedy - the 26/11 terror attack.

After cooking up legendary dishes for over four decades, Taj’s star chef Hemant Oberoi has recently hung up his apron, stepping down as grand executive chef of the hospitality chain’s luxury division. However, he NOW BEGINS HIS NEW JOURNEY.......... BRAND HEMANT OBEROI. 

Chef Hemant Oberoi has now launched his first flagship fine dining restaurant in Mumbai. They say if you believe in your brand, put your name on it. And that’s exactly what this iconic chef did as the restaurant in his signature trajectory of firsts proudly displays his name on the door. Hemant Oberoi the restaurant welcomed its first guests, which included royalty, superstars, businessmen and beauty queens.

Having launched a now hugely successful fine dining restaurant in Singapore - Yantra and an Indian outlet in San Diego named Masala Street. Mumbai is home and he couldn’t wait to open his flagship restaurant in MUMBAI among his well-wishers and loyal patrons.

The menu takes guests on a global culinary journey with European, Peruvian and Asian inspired dishes. Each dish tells a story and the chef has focused on introducing the city to new flavours, unique presentation and exquisite ingredients.

According to Chef Hemant Oberoi there is no set formula to success. Success is a combination of hard work, dedication, experience and passion. You need to build a strong foundation before you experiment. You need to understand your audience before you cater to them. You need to absorb changing trends intuitively. But most importantly you must have conviction in your beliefs, confidence in yourself and loyal people by your side.