“And he knew that food was Brahman. From food, all beings are born. By food they live and into food they return”. – Upanishad 3.2
 Aiming to achieve a challenge of 5555 cupcakes The Go Cheese 5555 Cup Cakes in 111 different flavours and 50 different themes will be aiming to set a record in the Limca Book of Records. Pastry chefs from across Goa will take part in this activity. A culinary event that will bring together chefs,

For Goan Chef Challenge

The Goan Chef Awards was started in 2014 and was the second edition of a Culinary Extravaganza that had been instituted by the promoter and CEO Mr. Rohan Parish to promote the Goa Cuisine in the state of Goa and world over, which according to him was to lose the grounds slowly in Goa itself.